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Our own line of tool holders are made to ANSI standards and use common hardware. Cam style, multi-lock, threading and grooving, and boring holders are stocked in left and right-hand styles. We are a good source of competitively priced shim seat clamps, cams and insert screws as well.

Dorian tool holders are available in combination and screw lock style, OD and ID tool holders. Dorian offers notch style tool holders, as well as a very competitive line of holders for most any machining situation. 

EXSYS Tool Inc. specializes in VDI tooling for fixed or rotary applications. These holders for CNC machines have shanks made to DIN 69880 standards. True position collet chucks are available also. EXSYS features the Preci-flex Interchange system making lathe tooling changeovers quick, accurate and economical. A single base holder enables the use of multiple holders. 



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