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Arno offers a complete tooling system for axial and radial grooving operations with grooving widths in metric dimensions of 2 to 6mm, 8 and 10mm, as well as circlip grooves. All Arno inserts are capable of grooving and turning with the same insert. The basic tool holder consists of a bar, anvil, and clamp. Arno will also make custom holders to your print. 

PH Horn Company's motto is "the grooving 
specialists". Horn offers rotating and stationary grooving tools using on-edge triangular inserts, laydown profile forming tools and V-bottom double-ended inserts, for ID, face, or OD groove machining. Grooving, parting or groove turning configurations are available as standard tools. Call us for a copy of their extensive catalog. 

Internal offers a complete line of solid carbide ID grooving tools. Available in widths of .031" to .252" and maximum depths of 1.5". Any groove tool can be modified to your exacting specifications. All Internal tools are TiALN coated as standard stock. 

Iscar's indexable grooving line covers mini grooving applications as small as .019" wide to big grooving applications of .790" wide. Iscar will make custom grooving inserts to create your complex part profile, enabling you to produce OD profiles with one pass instead of using multiple passes with multiple tools. Iscar has double-ended coated inserts with flat ends, flat with radiused corners, or full radiused ends. Groove and turn inserts are available in widths down to .102" wide. Grooving inserts are available in a variety of edge treatments and chip formers for any material. From polished, sharp, high positive cutting edge inserts for soft, gummy materials, to wiper-style designs for improved surface finishes--- Iscar has it all.

Kaiser ThinBit manufactures inserts in widths from .004" through .250" in .001 increments. Inserts are made in your choice of C2, C5 or HSS steel material. ThinBit usually ships out within 24 hours. Inserts can be used for grooving, shoulder grooving, face grooving and shoulder face grooving. Multi-insert tool holders are available for multi-groove cutting operations up to 2" wide. 


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