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grinding & finishing:



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The VRG wheels, developed by Noritake, make it possible to grind rubber, plastic and soft aluminium with efficiency. The unique open cell technology virtually eliminates burning and loading commonly associated with these soft materials. Wheels are available in grits of #60-#220 in three hardnesses and in wheel sizes up to 24" and widths up to 3". VRG wheels make soft rubber grinding easy.


CBN and PCD super abrasive wheels by Noritake are available by special order. Noritake's Memox CBN wheels use an open structure bond system which makes easy dressing. Very free cutting, the Memox wheel helps minimize heat generation, thus giving truer cutting and longer wheel life. 


Noritake has developed an extremely versatile coated abrasive product. The SQD disk takes the place of many conventional abrasive tools including flexible depressed center wheels, fiber disks and wire brushes. The SQD wheel has demonstrated tool life of 30-50 times greater than fiber type disks of the same diameter. The SQD wheels are ideally suited for weld blending, rust or paint removal, or wood sanding. They are available in diameters from 4"-7", in 40 to 120 grits.

The Spinner magnetic-kinetic polishing and deburring machine can be a real timesaver in finishing your small parts. ID or OD surfaces with intricate slots and/or crossholds can be deburred and polished automatically in 3-25 minutes depending on the effect desired. Fine finishes can be achieved without changing the tolerance of the part. The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of the Spinner system for your parts is to send us a sampling of your unfinished parts and we will process them in our lab. Within a week, we will send back the parts with a report on cycle time and materials used for you to evaluate. The Spinner may be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Superior Abrasives makes sheet, pad, belt, disc, and wheel abrasives in aluminium oxide, zirconia, and ceramic abrasive grades. For metals to woods and plastics, Superior can handle it all.


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Noritake's Skyhawk wheels are available in most tool room and general purpose configurations from stock. Skyhawk wheels utilize a metal hub which ensures a truer running condition. They are available in materials, grits and hardnesses to suit most any grinding application. Give Noritake wheels a try.


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