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Iscar's line of solid carbide drills made from a proprietary material yield excellent tool life in aerospace materials. If you are drilling aluminium airframes, try Iscar's Chamdrill Jet line with feed rates up to 120 ipm, holes are drilled fast. Sizes available from .136" to 1.0". 

OSG offers unique drills for exotic alloy and titanium alloy hole drilling. Available in sizes 3mm to 20mm with internal coolant supply.


Iscar's hole making capabilities are extensive with the Chamdrill, Chamdrill Jet, DR, and DZ style drills. Iscar offers drilling diameters from .295" to 2.125" and up to 8X depth:diameter ratios. High productivity can be realized in a variety of machines and materials. Call us to specify the right drill for your particular situation.

K-Tool offers a versatile line of drilling tools for the machining industry. Diameters are available from .343" to 1.51" and depth:diameter ratios of up to 6:1 are standard stock. Special diameters can be ordered with short lead times. K-Tool offers Drill Mill and Spot/Chamfer drills also. Special multi-function drills are no problem for K-Tool. Send us your part print and we will be happy to quote you a tool.

Regal's new replacable head spade drill holders save you money. The entire insert holder can be replaced if damaged, at a cost of one-half the cost of a new holder. These heads accept industrial standard spade drill inserts and offer drilling diameters from 7/16" to 1-7/8" in drilling depths up to 12". Regal also produces non-replacable head indexable spade drill bodies for drilling diameters up to 3".

Walter offers indexable drills from .391" to 3.375" in diameter as stock standard drills and special drills in diameter to 4.750". Available in weldon style, NCT, or cylindrical style shanks, Walter drills can be diametrically corrected by means of an eccentric sleeve as an optional accessory. This allows you to fine tune the drill hole to compensate for any deflection or hit a specific tolerance in your job. 


Iscar offers a full line of gun drills made to your specific application. Delivery of standard tools is one to two weeks from order date. Drills are available in 17 different driver styles and diameters in .004" increments from .098" to 1.260". Iscar's advanced gun drill technology provides superior geometric and dimensional quality for both deep and shallow drilling. Flute depths can be made for tools up to 86".Call us for a quote.

Showa's SuperDrill is a versatile and robust tool for rapid drilling of holes 2" to 12" in diameter and up to 15X depth:diameter ratios. This drilling system can save you major machining time in drilling deep holes in any material. By the use of multiple extensions, almost any drilling depth can be achieved. Call for a quote on this amazing drilling system.

Whalley Co. offers coolant-fed twist drills in diameters from 1/8" to 3-1/8" in flute lengths from 2-3/8" through 30". Whalley has the largest inventory of coolant-fed drills in the USA. HSS, Cobalt, and carbide-tipped drills are shelf-stocked  standards. Reamers, taps and coolant inducers are also available. 


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