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Gage Assembly Co. has been making gages for over 50 years. Standard gages are shipped within 24 hours. Hard chrome finish is available at no extra cost. Thread plugs and rings are available in inch and metric sizes from stock. Special gages are available per quote. 

Standard and popular special gages are generally available in 24 hours from Regal's vast inventory. A catalog of fast delivery special gages is available upon request. Call for a copy.

Southern Gage presents a full line of plug and ring gages made to exacting standards. The innovative "Southern style" ring gage vastly improves the accuracy of setting the rings to a specific set plug, allowing the helix angle to follow along its correct path. Conventional AGD style ring gages introduce an alignment error as the gage wears and is adjusted. Southern style gages will give much longer service life. 

Vermont Gages in plug, pin, ring, plain, and threaded are available from stock. A large inventory of pin sets in plus (go) and as minus (no-go) are available in classes: XX, X, Y, Z, or ZZ in inch or metric sizes. Size range is from .004" to 6" as a pin style to a tri-lock style. 


Mitutoyo (MTI) is a world leader in inspection tools. Analog or digital, inch or metric reading tools are available. If you supply us your measuring requirement, we can specify a tool for you to measure it with. ID, OD, chamfer, angle, hardness, surface finish, profile, or CMM-- Mitutoyo has it all. A comprehensive catalog is available on request. 

The L.S. Starrett Co. is one of the oldest inspection tool companies in existence today featuring a complete line of standard and specialty tools. Starrett has an extensive line of layout tools, vises, transits, levels, tapes, rules, and saws. 

SPI represents over 100 precision tool manufacturers from around the globe. Many specialty setup tools are available to make your machine accurate and quickly adjusted. A full catalog is available on request.


Mitutoyo is a precision tool manufacturer who not only makes precision hand-held gaging, but also major gaging instruments. These major instruments include CMMs, surface roughness, contour, vision, laser scan, hardness, and roundness. Very specific and very accurate gaging needs can be satisfied with Mitutoyo major instruments.


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Mitutoyo offers one of the most complete and comprehensive lines of SPC tools. Most all of the MTI digital tools can integrate into a data collection system, and provide SPC data in a variety of formats. Data collection can be accomplished with stand alone, dedicated, printing processors, or be multiplexed via hard wire or wireless systems into a computer system of your own. The varieties of configurations are nearly limitless. Mitutoyo also offers powerful software programs to acquire, monitor, and process the gaging data you currently generate. Please call us to design a system that makes sense for your process. Fully functional trial software in CD format is available for the asking. We are SPC specialists-- how may we help you?


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