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Horizon inserts for aluminum are highly polished, sharp positive edged and precision ground. Made and stocked in Arizona, Horizon offers a wide range of styles as well as specials. Call us for samples to try.

Iscar offers a variety of aluminum turning inserts, from standard, polished, sharp ISO style inserts for general turning, to specialized aluminum wheel turning holders and inserts. Both carbide and PCD grades are available. 


Iscar offers IC908 grade for aerospace turning across the entire line of turning inserts. OD turning, ID boring, face machining and threading are all easier with this excellent, long-lasting grade.

Sumitomo offers the EH family of carbide grades as well as the best line of CBN grades that can cover any aerospace machining situation. OD and ID machining can be efficiently performed.


Acme's line of solid carbide and carbide tipped boring bars is extensive. With diameters down to .040" minimum bore in inch and metric stems, Acme can satisfy most any need. Available in C2 and C6 carbide grades in left or right-hand styles.

Everede Tool has a complete line of indexable boring bars. Sizes range from .180" to 1.0" in right-hand, left-hand, steel, carbide or heavy metal bars. Bars are made for standard boring, back boring, back chamfering, threading, or ID profiling using insert styles with two or three positive edges. 

Criterion offers indexable adjustable boring bars for lathe or milling operations. Three positive cutting edges with triangular inserts will bore holes down to .250" diameter. Boring ratios of up to 8:1 are possible using Criterion's Cridex vibration dampening bar.

Internal specializes in tools for ID work. Their line of boring and machining tools for standard boring and specialized ID grooving is among the widest line in the industry. Minimum bores down to .050" are possible with their solid tools . Some of the more obscure tools that are in the standard lineup of Internal tools are fine point profile tools, reverse profile tools, drill and bore tools, bore and thread tools. and drill, bore and turn tools. Call us for a copy of this unique catalog. 

Iscar has a full line of boring tools. Of particular note is the Picco cut line of groove turning tools. Minimum bores down to .079" can be machined with ease. Multi-functional tools are capable of drilling, face turning, ID chamfer, profiling and ID/OD threading all with the same single tool! Iscar also offers a unique interchangeable head boring bar system. These tools feature a carbide shank with the capability of accepting any one of six different boring heads. This means a significant savings, allowing the machinist to switch from a profiling insert to a boring insert to a threading insert without buying three separate carbide shank tools. Minimum bore is .512" with a shank diameter of .500".

The BSTJO line of boring bars from Sumitomo offers an economical, free-cutting boring bar for machining bores from .312" to 1.125". The chip-controlling, three-edged, positive inserts are available in cermet, carbide and CBN grades. Anti-vibration shank holders are another style of bar available from stock, and are able to machine bores from .077" to 1.2". 


Iscar's Heliface face machining tools are the "gold standard" in the industry. Deep face groove-turning is possible in various tool holder configurations. Greater groove depths are possible with Iscar's twisted, double-ended insert design than with any other insert on the market. 

Kaiser's Thin-Bit system of face grooving is perfect if an economical shallow grooving system is desired. Kaiser can deliver insert widths in .001" increments in just a few days with square or radiused corners. Carbide in C2, C5, coated or uncoated, as well as HSS single-ended inserts are available.


Arno offers a complete tooling system for axial and radial grooving operations with grooving widths in metric dimensions of 2 to 6mm, 8 and 10mm, as well as circlip grooves. All Arno inserts are capable of grooving and turning with the same insert. The basic tool holder consists of a bar, anvil, and clamp. Arno will also make custom holders to your print. 

PH Horn Company's motto is "the grooving 
specialists". Horn offers rotating and stationary grooving tools using on-edge triangular inserts, laydown profile forming tools and V-bottom double-ended inserts, for ID, face, or OD groove machining. Grooving, parting or groove turning configurations are available as standard tools. Call us for a copy of their extensive catalog. 

Internal offers a complete line of solid carbide ID grooving tools. Available in widths of .031" to .252" and maximum depths of 1.5". Any groove tool can be modified to your exacting specifications. All Internal tools are TiALN coated as standard stock. 

Iscar's indexable grooving line covers mini grooving applications as small as .019" wide to big grooving applications of .790" wide. Iscar will make custom grooving inserts to create your complex part profile, enabling you to produce OD profiles with one pass instead of using multiple passes with multiple tools. Iscar has double-ended coated inserts with flat ends, flat with radiused corners, or full radiused ends. Groove and turn inserts are available in widths down to .102" wide. Grooving inserts are available in a variety of edge treatments and chip formers for any material. From polished, sharp, high positive cutting edge inserts for soft, gummy materials, to wiper-style designs for improved surface finishes--- Iscar has it all.

Kaiser ThinBit manufactures inserts in widths from .004" through .250" in .001 increments. Inserts are made in your choice of C2, C5 or HSS steel material. ThinBit usually ships out within 24 hours. Inserts can be used for grooving, shoulder grooving, face grooving and shoulder face grooving. Multi-insert tool holders are available for multi-groove cutting operations up to 2" wide. 


J & M Diamond are fabricators and manufacturers of PCD and CBN tooling. Any special insert can be made to your specifications to cut hard metals up to 68rc, or highly abrasive, non-ferrous materials. Call us with your needs for a fast quote.

Sumitomo wrote the book on hard turning with ceramic inserts for materials from 45rc to 55 rc, or CBN inserts to machine hard metals up to 68rc. Sumitomo's CBN inserts will easily lathe turn materials in one-third the time that you would take to grind them. Severely interrupted cuts and hard materials are no problem either! If you have a hard metal to turn, Sumitomo has the insert grade to do the job. Call us and we will specify which insert will work best for you.


Duramet offers laydown style, single point threadng inserts in UN, UNJ, ISO metric, Whitworth, NPT, Buttress, Acme, and stub acme profiles. Both left hand and right hand are stocked standards.

Horizon makes inserts in many styles for threading. Inserts are available in laydown, on edge, notch style, and Dogbone configurations. Horizon offers over 17 different grades to suit your application.

Internal offers solid carbide boring bars for internal threading. Multi-function tools both bore and thread to save time and tool locations. Right hand and left hand tools in V thread as well as acme are standard items.

Iscar provides standard threading inserts as laydown style. Both ground finish and molded chip breaker styles are available in UN, UNJ, ISO, Whitworth, NPT, BSP, BSPT, Acme, TR, American Buttress, API and round DIN 405. 
Iscar also offers Swiss-style threading inserts for OD threading and ultra-mini ID threading inserts for bores down to .204". Iscar's cut grip thread inserts fit in the same holders as their GIP groove tooling. 

Vardex (VNE) is the "threading solutions people". The Vardex line of threading is the most complete line of threading tools on the market today. With twelve styles of inserts available in 26 different thread profiles, and in 10 insert grades, VNE is second to none in threading standard internal and external thread profiles. Available profiles are: 60 degree, 55 degree, ISO, UN, W, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, NPS, 
RD(DIN405), RD20400, TR(DIN103), ACME, Stub acme, UNJ, 
MJ(ISO5855), American Buttress, British Buttress, Sage(Metric Buttress DIN513), API, BUT, APIRD, VAM, EL, H90, PG(DIN4030). The smallest standard threadable bore is .250", and the coarsest standard pitch is 2 tpi. Inserts are available as partial profile and full profile, single tooth or multi-tooth. There are many styles of holders available for these inserts. Please contact us to put the correct combinations to work for you.


Our own line of tool holders are made to ANSI standards and use common hardware. Cam style, multi-lock, threading and grooving, and boring holders are stocked in left and right-hand styles. We are a good source of competitively priced shim seat clamps, cams and insert screws as well.

Dorian tool holders are available in combination and screw lock style, OD and ID tool holders. Dorian offers notch style tool holders, as well as a very competitive line of holders for most any machining situation. 

EXSYS Tool Inc. specializes in VDI tooling for fixed or rotary applications. These holders for CNC machines have shanks made to DIN 69880 standards. True position collet chucks are available also. EXSYS features the Preci-flex Interchange system making lathe tooling changeovers quick, accurate and economical. A single base holder enables the use of multiple holders. 


Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.


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