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AB Tools:
Highly polished, very sharp, very positive, indexable milling cutters from 1" to 6" in diameter. Capable of rough milling aluminum in excess of 6 cubic inches per minute! Made in USA, available from stock.

Ultra fine, and super sub-micron carbide end mills feature open flute end gashing for faster feeds and ramping. Tight tolerances of .0003" from tool to tool. Roughing and finishing mills coated with low friction coating technology, bonding to the substrate, offering up to 40X tool life over coated conventional mills.

Polished, sharp indexable inserts available in a variety of corner radii. Insert cutting edge maximizes productivity with a helical cutting edge molded into the insert. Tools are available from 1.25" to 4.0" in diameter with .827" cutting edge for square shoulder milling. Also available as long reach 10" overall length tool bodies.

High feed rate mills for CNC routing and milling. Feed rates of up to 200-300 inches per minute at 18,000 rpm are possible. Upcut, downcut and chipbreaker styles available. Sizes 1/16" to 1/2", as well as metric sizes 2.0mm to 12.0mm.

Large face mills for small machines allow high production and maximum flexibility! Roughing in aluminum at 8,000 rpm and 158 inches per minute for a 5" cutter will make fast work of your job! The OSG disk cutter is less than 1/2 the weight of a conventional milling cutter. The 5" disk cutter and arbor weigh about 3.5 pounds. Compare that to over 8 pounds for a conventional cutter and arbor. Less weight means that small toolchanger can handle this cutter with ease. Call for a free DVD of this cutter in action.


Aluminum aircraft frame parts can be efficiently machined with Iscar's Heli-2000 and Heli-alu mill family. Heat resistant alloys are easier to machine with Iscar's newly developed multi-coated carbide grades. Please call for detailed information on your application.

Max-T carbide endmills are designed for machining titanium alloys. Over 4 times the metal removal rates of a conventional mill, in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3/4" diameters. A 1/2" mill at 4000 rpm can feed at 62 ipm in 6AL-4V alloy!

Efficient Aerospace alloy cutting is possible with Sumitomo's advanced carbide grades.


Precision boring systems from URMA allow boring operations on diameters from .036" to 31.0". Modular adapters allow use on almost any machine. Boring, grooving, and chamfer heads as well as extensions and adapters give almost limitless combinations for most any machining situation. Let us engineer a system for your need.

Economical boring systems in size ranges from .050" to 21.5". Size changes are accomplished through location of boring bars in a precision boring head. Offset adjustments are accurately accomplished in .0001" increments via a vernier dial. Criterion also produces a twin cutter head system for boring holes 1.1" to 5" in diameter.

Modular boring systems from Wohlhaupter have a boring range from .77" to 40.15". Modular systems allow limitless combinations of diameter and depths. Wohlhaupter's unique triple point connection system ensures high axial clamping forces on mating faces. System accuracy is within .00001" when tools are changed. Thermal (shrink fit) shanks are also available for the Wohlhaupter system. Where weight of a large diameter boring head assembly is a concern, Wohlhaupter produces a line of aluminum boring bodies and extensions that are nearly 1/3 of the weight of a steel version of the same capacity. Wohlhaupter is also the maker of the famous UPA automatic boring and facing head. Please call us for a detailed quote of your needs.


Precision groove milling with width ranges from .020" to .208", for internal or external applications. Internal bores can be machined down to a diameter of 1.8" minimum bore. Also available in precision ground inserts to suit your application.

Iscar's Multi-Master line offers versitile internal and external operation. In widths of .059" to .207", with diameters for ID work down to 5/8", working depths of up to 6" and groove depths if up to .177". Call for a detailed catalog.

ID grooving from a minimum diameter of .378" and groove widths of .208". (multiple passes can produce widths of any larger size) Maximum groove depths of up to .175".


Indexable ball endmills make short work of mold machining. Precision ground inserts yield closer tolerances and longer tool life. Hardened steel cutter bodies ensure close tolerance finishing. Sizes from 1/4" diameter through 1-1/4 diameter. Inserts are available in a variety of grades for use in any machinable material.

Iscar's family of indexable milling cutters make short work of mold cavity work. The super fast metal removal rates of the Feed Mill family can make money! Feed rates of up to .138" per TOOTH are possible from trigon inserts. Long reach shanks have been designed for deep cavity work.

The Toro mill family of cutters are another example of extreme feed mold cutters available from Iscar. Diameters are available from 5/8" to 1". Check with us to see which cutter would be best for your application.

Shrink fit carbide endmills that are used in OSG's shink fit taper shanks are a perfect solution to rock rigid milling of deep, hard cavity milling. OSG also produces a line of endmills capable of machining hardened molds up to 65rc. Why grind when you could mill? Call for a detailed catalog.


Present us with your part print, and we can design tooling to complete the operation. Multi-function tooling that can drill, step, bore, chamfer, and ream are no problem to design and build. Save tool positions and changes-- and save money. We can design tools that can take standard inserts and combine operations. 


Solid carbide helical thread mills are made from Iscar's proprietary carbide material. Sizes ranging from #5-4 to 3/4-7 in UN and M6X1.0 to M27X3.0 in metric ISO are stocked. These coated tools are useful in all materials. 

Straight flute thread mills from #4-40 to 1-5/16-16, solid carbide are available. Helical flute from #10-24 to 9/16-20, also are available. For tough materials: staggered tooth sizes from 3/8-20 to 1-1/4-16 are available. Specials are available upon request with short deliveries. 

A wide variety of indexable tools are available from stock in ISO, UN, UNJ, BSP, BPST, NPT, PG, TR, and Acme thread types. Single and double flute tools in straight and taper holders are standard. Tool holders in short and extended length are stocked standard. Coarse pitch holder and insert sets are available for large pitch to diameter ratio jobs. We offer a free CD for your use in generating helical interpolation code. Thread milling couldn't be easier!


An economical line of collets and tool holders. One of the most complete sources of collets in the industry including ER, TG, RDO, RDA, AF, 5C, R8 and tapping collets. Collet chucks with a variety of nose nuts as well as tapping holders are in stock. 

Command offers a wide line of USA made precision tool holders and unique machining accessories. Holders are available in BT, CAT, and HSK style endmill holders, collet chucks, shell mill holders and tap holders, as well as shrink fit systems. Fluid drive keyway cutters, right angle holders, CNC presetters, and taper checking fixtures are available also. Command offers balancing capabilities to balance and certify less than 3 on assemblies. 

Iscar's ETM line offers many innovative solutions for your machining needs. Short-in, click-fit, and shrink-in, are Iscar's improved connections that minimize runout and vibration in the CAT, BT, ISO, or HSK tool systems. The innovative FitBore holder will allow your indexable drill's drilling diameter to be adjusted within a .063" range, allowing you much greater flexibility with your machining operation. Iscar also offers a complete line of R8 and straight shank tooling, as well as floating holders for reaming and tapping. 

Fettes offers high precision ball drive, quick change tap drivers and collets. Tap holders will accept bilz-style collets and are available as rigid or tension/compression style. All collets are made from premium 4l40 hardened and ground for precision operation. Holders are available in chuck sizes #1, #2 or #3, and in shank sizes of CAT, BT, straight or automotive. 

OSG offers a very economical shrink system of holders. The electric hot air heating unit is the lowest cost unit on the market which allows you to enter into the "next generation of tool holding" with the lowest initial cost. Holders are made with CAT, BT or HSK style shanks. 

Brand new SlimFit system allows you to use either shrink fit holders or collets in the same master shank. The slim and short holders engage the collets by use of an internal draw bar. This short holder can provide a maximum TIR of .0002" at 4x diameter. Techniks also offers a full line of CAT, BT and HSK holders, as well as CNC router collet holders and pull studs. 


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The Para-clip parallel holding system speeds and simplifies retention of parallels in metal-working vises. A simple, yet effective system consisting of two clip plates and four clips attach to your existing vise in minutes. Now, attaching your parallels to the vise securely only takes seconds. Put an end to makeshift methods of holding parallels in place with rubber bands, springs or whatever. Try the economical Para-clip system today!

The Mitee-Bite clamping family of clamps are the most innovative line of clamps in the industry today. With machinable fixture clamps, knife-edge clamps, uniforce clamps, long-length uniforce clamps, OK-vise clamps, dyna-force clamps, Kopal mini-clamps, ID Xpansion clamps, compact toe clamps, t-slot clamps, mono-bloc clamps, riser clamp kits, and Mitee-grip heat activated film. If you can't find a solution to your clamping problem out of these, you are out of luck. Contact us for a detailed catalog.

Royal has a varied product line of accessories. A quick change R8 tool system makes fast one hand tool changes without working the draw bar. Coolant vacuum systems make sump and coolant management easier and cleaner. Sensitive drill feed arbors allow precision drilling with miniature drills on large machines. Vibration dampening leveling mounts are capable of handling loads ranging from 100lbs. to 12000 lbs. Call for a complete catalog. 

SPI is a general supplier of hundreds of machine accessories. Contact us for a free 1000 page catalog of SPI offerings.

TECO is dedicated to work-holding technology. A comprehensive line of clamping and set up holding for T-slots as well as modular components for columns and plates. TECO's Toolex vises offer a varied line of customized jaw accessories to accommodate diverse machining situations. Strap-clamping and set up tooling are detailed in TECO's extensive catalog. Call us for a free copy.

Unist makes near dry machining a reality with their Coolubricator system. Do not confuse the Unist system with a common air blast system, where a drop of coolant is blasted through a hose. The Unist system uses a coolant pump, as well as an air regulator, and combines these two flows at the end of a coaxial nozzle. The air stream, and the coolant drop only combine at the tip. Unist gives you complete control of the fluid flow as well as the air flow. The Unist system can be controlled to dispense as little as 3oz. per day, for light machining, or as heavy as 5.5oz. per day for heavy machining. Your parts will leave the machine dry, and your cutting tools will benefit from complete heat dissipation at the cutting edge. The Coolubricator is available in multiple nozzle configurations, and can be electronically integrated into your machine controls.


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