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Iscar offers a full line of gun drills made to your specific application. Delivery of standard tools is one to two weeks from order date. Drills are available in 17 different driver styles and diameters in .004" increments from .098" to 1.260". Iscar's advanced gun drill technology provides superior geometric and dimensional quality for both deep and shallow drilling. Flute depths can be made for tools up to 86".Call us for a quote.

Showa's SuperDrill is a versatile and robust tool for rapid drilling of holes 2" to 12" in diameter and up to 15X depth:diameter ratios. This drilling system can save you major machining time in drilling deep holes in any material. By the use of multiple extensions, almost any drilling depth can be achieved. Call for a quote on this amazing drilling system.

Whalley Co. offers coolant-fed twist drills in diameters from 1/8" to 3-1/8" in flute lengths from 2-3/8" through 30". Whalley has the largest inventory of coolant-fed drills in the USA. HSS, Cobalt, and carbide-tipped drills are shelf-stocked  standards. Reamers, taps and coolant inducers are also available. 



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