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Duramet offers laydown style, single point threadng inserts in UN, UNJ, ISO metric, Whitworth, NPT, Buttress, Acme, and stub acme profiles. Both left hand and right hand are stocked standards.

Horizon makes inserts in many styles for threading. Inserts are available in laydown, on edge, notch style, and Dogbone configurations. Horizon offers over 17 different grades to suit your application.

Internal offers solid carbide boring bars for internal threading. Multi-function tools both bore and thread to save time and tool locations. Right hand and left hand tools in V thread as well as acme are standard items.

Iscar provides standard threading inserts as laydown style. Both ground finish and molded chip breaker styles are available in UN, UNJ, ISO, Whitworth, NPT, BSP, BSPT, Acme, TR, American Buttress, API and round DIN 405. 
Iscar also offers Swiss-style threading inserts for OD threading and ultra-mini ID threading inserts for bores down to .204". Iscar's cut grip thread inserts fit in the same holders as their GIP groove tooling. 

Vardex (VNE) is the "threading solutions people". The Vardex line of threading is the most complete line of threading tools on the market today. With twelve styles of inserts available in 26 different thread profiles, and in 10 insert grades, VNE is second to none in threading standard internal and external thread profiles. Available profiles are: 60 degree, 55 degree, ISO, UN, W, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, NPS, 
RD(DIN405), RD20400, TR(DIN103), ACME, Stub acme, UNJ, 
MJ(ISO5855), American Buttress, British Buttress, Sage(Metric Buttress DIN513), API, BUT, APIRD, VAM, EL, H90, PG(DIN4030). The smallest standard threadable bore is .250", and the coarsest standard pitch is 2 tpi. Inserts are available as partial profile and full profile, single tooth or multi-tooth. There are many styles of holders available for these inserts. Please contact us to put the correct combinations to work for you.



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