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Acme's line of solid carbide and carbide tipped boring bars is extensive. With diameters down to .040" minimum bore in inch and metric stems, Acme can satisfy most any need. Available in C2 and C6 carbide grades in left or right-hand styles.

Everede Tool has a complete line of indexable boring bars. Sizes range from .180" to 1.0" in right-hand, left-hand, steel, carbide or heavy metal bars. Bars are made for standard boring, back boring, back chamfering, threading, or ID profiling using insert styles with two or three positive edges. 

Criterion offers indexable adjustable boring bars for lathe or milling operations. Three positive cutting edges with triangular inserts will bore holes down to .250" diameter. Boring ratios of up to 8:1 are possible using Criterion's Cridex vibration dampening bar.

Internal specializes in tools for ID work. Their line of boring and machining tools for standard boring and specialized ID grooving is among the widest line in the industry. Minimum bores down to .050" are possible with their solid tools . Some of the more obscure tools that are in the standard lineup of Internal tools are fine point profile tools, reverse profile tools, drill and bore tools, bore and thread tools. and drill, bore and turn tools. Call us for a copy of this unique catalog. 

Iscar has a full line of boring tools. Of particular note is the Picco cut line of groove turning tools. Minimum bores down to .079" can be machined with ease. Multi-functional tools are capable of drilling, face turning, ID chamfer, profiling and ID/OD threading all with the same single tool! Iscar also offers a unique interchangeable head boring bar system. These tools feature a carbide shank with the capability of accepting any one of six different boring heads. This means a significant savings, allowing the machinist to switch from a profiling insert to a boring insert to a threading insert without buying three separate carbide shank tools. Minimum bore is .512" with a shank diameter of .500".

The BSTJO line of boring bars from Sumitomo offers an economical, free-cutting boring bar for machining bores from .312" to 1.125". The chip-controlling, three-edged, positive inserts are available in cermet, carbide and CBN grades. Anti-vibration shank holders are another style of bar available from stock, and are able to machine bores from .077" to 1.2". 


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