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Indexable ball endmills make short work of mold machining. Precision ground inserts yield closer tolerances and longer tool life. Hardened steel cutter bodies ensure close tolerance finishing. Sizes from 1/4" diameter through 1-1/4 diameter. Inserts are available in a variety of grades for use in any machinable material.

Iscar's family of indexable milling cutters make short work of mold cavity work. The super fast metal removal rates of the Feed Mill family can make money! Feed rates of up to .138" per TOOTH are possible from trigon inserts. Long reach shanks have been designed for deep cavity work.

The Toro mill family of cutters are another example of extreme feed mold cutters available from Iscar. Diameters are available from 5/8" to 1". Check with us to see which cutter would be best for your application.

Shrink fit carbide endmills that are used in OSG's shink fit taper shanks are a perfect solution to rock rigid milling of deep, hard cavity milling. OSG also produces a line of endmills capable of machining hardened molds up to 65rc. Why grind when you could mill? Call for a detailed catalog.


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