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AB Tools:
Highly polished, very sharp, very positive, indexable milling cutters from 1" to 6" in diameter. Capable of rough milling aluminum in excess of 6 cubic inches per minute! Made in USA, available from stock.

Ultra fine, and super sub-micron carbide end mills feature open flute end gashing for faster feeds and ramping. Tight tolerances of .0003" from tool to tool. Roughing and finishing mills coated with low friction coating technology, bonding to the substrate, offering up to 40X tool life over coated conventional mills.

Polished, sharp indexable inserts available in a variety of corner radii. Insert cutting edge maximizes productivity with a helical cutting edge molded into the insert. Tools are available from 1.25" to 4.0" in diameter with .827" cutting edge for square shoulder milling. Also available as long reach 10" overall length tool bodies.

High feed rate mills for CNC routing and milling. Feed rates of up to 200-300 inches per minute at 18,000 rpm are possible. Upcut, downcut and chipbreaker styles available. Sizes 1/16" to 1/2", as well as metric sizes 2.0mm to 12.0mm.

Large face mills for small machines allow high production and maximum flexibility! Roughing in aluminum at 8,000 rpm and 158 inches per minute for a 5" cutter will make fast work of your job! The OSG disk cutter is less than 1/2 the weight of a conventional milling cutter. The 5" disk cutter and arbor weigh about 3.5 pounds. Compare that to over 8 pounds for a conventional cutter and arbor. Less weight means that small toolchanger can handle this cutter with ease. Call for a free DVD of this cutter in action.


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