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The Para-clip parallel holding system speeds and simplifies retention of parallels in metal-working vises. A simple, yet effective system consisting of two clip plates and four clips attach to your existing vise in minutes. Now, attaching your parallels to the vise securely only takes seconds. Put an end to makeshift methods of holding parallels in place with rubber bands, springs or whatever. Try the economical Para-clip system today!

The Mitee-Bite clamping family of clamps are the most innovative line of clamps in the industry today. With machinable fixture clamps, knife-edge clamps, uniforce clamps, long-length uniforce clamps, OK-vise clamps, dyna-force clamps, Kopal mini-clamps, ID Xpansion clamps, compact toe clamps, t-slot clamps, mono-bloc clamps, riser clamp kits, and Mitee-grip heat activated film. If you can't find a solution to your clamping problem out of these, you are out of luck. Contact us for a detailed catalog.

Royal has a varied product line of accessories. A quick change R8 tool system makes fast one hand tool changes without working the draw bar. Coolant vacuum systems make sump and coolant management easier and cleaner. Sensitive drill feed arbors allow precision drilling with miniature drills on large machines. Vibration dampening leveling mounts are capable of handling loads ranging from 100lbs. to 12000 lbs. Call for a complete catalog. 

SPI is a general supplier of hundreds of machine accessories. Contact us for a free 1000 page catalog of SPI offerings.

TECO is dedicated to work-holding technology. A comprehensive line of clamping and set up holding for T-slots as well as modular components for columns and plates. TECO's Toolex vises offer a varied line of customized jaw accessories to accommodate diverse machining situations. Strap-clamping and set up tooling are detailed in TECO's extensive catalog. Call us for a free copy.

Unist makes near dry machining a reality with their Coolubricator system. Do not confuse the Unist system with a common air blast system, where a drop of coolant is blasted through a hose. The Unist system uses a coolant pump, as well as an air regulator, and combines these two flows at the end of a coaxial nozzle. The air stream, and the coolant drop only combine at the tip. Unist gives you complete control of the fluid flow as well as the air flow. The Unist system can be controlled to dispense as little as 3oz. per day, for light machining, or as heavy as 5.5oz. per day for heavy machining. Your parts will leave the machine dry, and your cutting tools will benefit from complete heat dissipation at the cutting edge. The Coolubricator is available in multiple nozzle configurations, and can be electronically integrated into your machine controls.


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