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Precision boring systems from URMA allow boring operations on diameters from .036" to 31.0". Modular adapters allow use on almost any machine. Boring, grooving, and chamfer heads as well as extensions and adapters give almost limitless combinations for most any machining situation. Let us engineer a system for your need.

Economical boring systems in size ranges from .050" to 21.5". Size changes are accomplished through location of boring bars in a precision boring head. Offset adjustments are accurately accomplished in .0001" increments via a vernier dial. Criterion also produces a twin cutter head system for boring holes 1.1" to 5" in diameter.

Modular boring systems from Wohlhaupter have a boring range from .77" to 40.15". Modular systems allow limitless combinations of diameter and depths. Wohlhaupter's unique triple point connection system ensures high axial clamping forces on mating faces. System accuracy is within .00001" when tools are changed. Thermal (shrink fit) shanks are also available for the Wohlhaupter system. Where weight of a large diameter boring head assembly is a concern, Wohlhaupter produces a line of aluminum boring bodies and extensions that are nearly 1/3 of the weight of a steel version of the same capacity. Wohlhaupter is also the maker of the famous UPA automatic boring and facing head. Please call us for a detailed quote of your needs.


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